What is vegetable leather?
The hide is tanned by vegetable extracts does not contain any harmful chemicals to mankind and environment. It retains the original quality of skin and the leather improves over time.

Why use vegetable leather for floor and wall covering? Is it a new material?
Vegetable leather for floor and wall covering has been existed for centuries ever since leather is made. It is warm in winter and cool in summer, natural, healthy, versatile, long lasting and always fashionable. Also, vegetable leather has the most beautiful texture of full grains in all leather types.

Why B-pel leather tile is better than the other competitors’ brand?
B-pel leather tile is made of the finest vegetable-tanned cow hide by using the most advance technology and machinery for production. It combines the innovation and beauty of Tuscany craftsmanship to create warm, elegant and luxurious spaces with 25 colors and many sizes & shapes to choose.

What makes B-pel leather tile so special?
B-pel leather tile is made of cow hide by-product of beef industry not animal hide from endanger species. The leather is created by using most earth friendly domestic chestnut tree extracts water solution and the by-products of the residues could be disposed as agricultural fertilizer without damage our natural environment. B-pel leather tile is the only brand has anti-expansion and gluing coating at the back of the leather to limit thermal dilation and prevent glue solvents damage the leather tile to achieve even expansion and ensure maximum adhesive affects.

Will it scratch on the surface of the tiles?
In regarding of scratching on the top surface, is because our tiles are vegetable tanned by the oak tree extracts in water solution which can keep the original stage of the leather and to show the finest skin texture (grains) of the leather better than other tanning method. Without the protective wax it is very easy to scratch therefore we must handle with care before installation. Once the tiles installation is done 4 layers of protective wax must applied one after another until it harden in 48 hours the tile will scratch but is recoverable by applying protective wax on the tiles for normal up keeping.

Why use leather tile for floor & wall covering?
Leather tile can create such a warm welcoming and luxurious atmosphere for your living space and with pleasant leather aroma that makes it so special amoung thousand of interior decoration materials.  Vegetable-tanned leather is natural fire retardant and a good insulator (poor thermo and electricity conductor), it is long lasting than fabric materials, it feels warm in winter and cool in summer, it is acoustic material good for covering any living space.

How to looking after B-pel leather tile?
B-pel leather tile has maintenance products such as Uno special mild detergent for cleaning dirt and acuminated wax residual on top of the leather tile from time to time without changing the vegetable-tanned leather characteristic. Due protective wax a special formula to prevent slipping when wet and for protecting newly installed leather tile against liquid spurt, fine scratches, keeps tiles colors brightness and nourishing vegetable-tanned leather for softness. For regular maintenance for up keeping once a month for heavy traffic area or once every six months for light traffic area. Tri touch up wax only for repairing fine scratches on the surface of the leather tile during installation before Due protective wax is being applied.

How many types of B-pel leather tiles?
B-pel leather tile has 3 standard kinds of products. Assolo a leather tile without any backing it is ideal for wall, ceiling and door covering application. Unico a leather tile with wood (OSB) backing it is ideal for floor covering because the leather is permanently bonded onto the OSB board therefore it is very easy to install just like the common wooden flooring with groove for inserting a aluminum T bar for linking the individual floor tiles together to achieve spreading the loading pressure and unify the entire leather floor together as a result to form seamless leather floor. Icona is consisted of leather tile permanently bonded onto a plastic/rubber backing and a separate plastic base for easy click clack installation and removal as a result it is water resistance and insect resistance.

Can I use it in hot & humid weather or in cold & dry weather?
B-pel leather tile is designed for all types of condition from Alpine to tropical weather. Because leather is living material and it can adapt different kinds of condition, as long as right before installation there should be an acclimate period for the leather tiles to adjust itself to the surrounding environment before bonding it onto the place with our recommended glue co-developed with Mapei glue company together in Italy. Different types of glues designed from water proof for tropical weather to supporting under floor heating system in sub-zero Alpine weather.

Leather tiles always give us an old fashion traditional sense?
B-pel leather tile is trendy and newly developed decorative material we have 25 different colors range and 10 standard sizes for you to choose. We also have made to measure service for special shape and size. Therefore interior designer has many choices to do mix and match with 25 color and 10 standard size of leather tiles for their old fashion taste to very modern designs.